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  • ActionOverseas

    The mission department of The Apostolic Church, UK http://actionoverseas.org

  • Embrace

    The Apostolic Church, UK national women’s ministry

    Look out for Embrace events taking place up and down the country.

  • Dynamic Prayer & Praise

    Come & join us for: Dynamic Prayer & Praise @ 7.30pm – 9pm, every first Friday of the month at Eden Christian Centre, Connaught Road, Ilford IG1 1RN
    Tel: 020 8478 4765

    . http://www.edencc.co.uk

  • Youth AblazeUK

    The youth department of The Apostolic Church, UK http://www.facebook.com/youthablazeuk

The Apostolic Church

About Us

First formed in 1916 as a result of the 1904 Welsh revival, the Apostolic Church is a Trinitarian, Pentecostal denomination with a strong commitment to mission. We have established Apostolic movements in over 90 countries, many of whom are self-governing.

Within the UK the Apostolic Church is represented by approximately 110 churches. Our national conference is held annually in Cheltenham, Gloucester and has visitors from several countries attending.

During the Welsh Revival (1904-05)

...over one hundred thousand people were converted. Many of them called themselves the "Children of the Revival.". One such group held meetings in a house in Penygroes, Llanelli, U.K. In February 1910 they opened a building called 'The Evangelical Church', Penygroes. During the Revival some had experienced speaking in tongues and prophecy. In the new church these manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit began to be heard more frequently. A miner Mr. D.P. Williams (1882-1947) began to attend some of the services. He had been converted in the Revival on 25 December 1904 when Mr. Evan Roberts, the Revivalist, laid his hands on him. He became a well known preacher in the Independent (Congregational) chapels in and around Penygroes and was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1909.

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