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Leaders Conference

Monday 28th – Thursday 31st August 2017

Are you a leader in one of our local churches? Then this event is for you. This event will take place at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick. Speak to your local Pastor if you are interested in attending in order to book your place.

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Ensuring succession

Among the great leaders of the Old Testament, Moses stands out as a ‘giant’ whose leadership shadow is cast across human experience. He was born in dangerous times, launched as a baby into the Nile, raised in luxury, and learned to live successively with privilege, in obscurity and with the constant pressures of leadership.

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Jesus our example

The Gospels, rich as they are with insight and inspiration, offer many perspectives through which we observe Jesus at work. Through the pens of the four writing evangelists, we see Him before a range of audiences – before multitudes, small groups and individuals. His life – actions, words, demeanour – reveal at an intimate and accessible level the one, true God who for some must have long seemed remote and distant.

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Leadership Quotes Wallpapers 4

The Apostolic Church, along with other Christian denominations and movements, exists to continue the work that Jesus began two thousand years ago.  We learn much about that work by reading the Gospel where his work is described and the epistles where it is explained.

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