Calling all children!

Dear Pastors and Children’s Leaders:

We have recently been made directors for the Apostolic National Children’s ministry and we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are: Carol Jenkins and Rachel Bainbridge and we have both been involved in children’s ministry for a number of years; we are currently based at the Ark in Dover.

We have some exciting things in the pipeline, including a brand new website dedicated to our National Children’s ministry. This will provide an opportunity to celebrate the amazing children’s work that is currently going on around the country, provide resources, training and ideas and inspire some new ventures within children’s ministry.

The website will be ready in late Autumn, but in the meantime we have a challenge that we would love you to pass on to your children’s leaders/workers and of course the children. The challenge is to get children motivated to use the name ‘ACKids’ to create an eye catching logo that will be used on the new website and anything related to the National Children’s ministry. They can use paper and pens or design on a computer – the chosen logo will then be converted into a digital format by a web designer for us to use.

We have attached a flyer for the logo competition and we would be really grateful if you could pass this on to your children’s leaders so they can get the children involved in this.

Thank you

Carol and Rachel

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Ensuring succession

Among the great leaders of the Old Testament, Moses stands out as a ‘giant’ whose leadership shadow is cast across human experience. He was born in dangerous times, launched as a baby into the Nile, raised in luxury, and learned to live successively with privilege, in obscurity and with the constant pressures of leadership.

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Jesus our example

The Gospels, rich as they are with insight and inspiration, offer many perspectives through which we observe Jesus at work. Through the pens of the four writing evangelists, we see Him before a range of audiences – before multitudes, small groups and individuals. His life – actions, words, demeanour – reveal at an intimate and accessible level the one, true God who for some must have long seemed remote and distant.

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