The Apprentice: Empowered

to impact your world

This is about Kingdom business, the mandate God has given to us and what it takes to fulfil this mandate.

Pastoral care of God’s flock

Written by Philip Powell to aid in pastoral care of your flock.

The God of the Miraculous

Prepare to see the awesome power of God at work as Samuel relives his life’s service to the Lord.

Discover to recover

Life Transforming Ministries has released ‘Discover to recover’ with a central message about thriving in the downturns of life.

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The Greatest Failure

Written by Ps Gordon Weeks, click the image and email if you would like to purchase a copy.

Food for Thought

Struggle to maintain the discipline of daily devotional reading? Check out this devotional to help you!

‘The Life of Prayer’ by
Eunice Thomas

A practical, easy to read but comprehensive book about prayer.

‘Uncaged’ by Neil Harvey

Read Neil Harvey’s life transforming story.

The God of our Fathers by Marcus Thomas

The stories of the early pioneers of the Apostolic Church in the UK and across the world.